Danzig on-line on DVD

The page about old Danzig was started in 1997. During all the time I have spent much time upgrading it and I collected big number of postcards, pictures and other documents. The page is still under construction and the work will never end. I still add new materials, make changes and corrects. It is possible thanks to many visitors and users of discussion forum Dawny Gdansk. Here I would like to give thanks to all, who help me to upgrade the page.

Because it is not possible to present all the documents and pictures in high resolution on the page, I made a special CD. There are, except my page oof-line, many other documents like:
  • Over 700 postcards in high resolution,
  • 21 new scans of city maps,
  • High resolution scans of two new albums with old Danzig pictures,
  • Four extra galleries with old photos in high resolution,
  • Download part with many books and booklets in PDF.
  • Extended versions of my three books about pre-war Danzig inPDF.
The price of DVD, including posting from Sweden is 20 Euro. There is a possibility to get the content on USB memory stick. More information you can get sending e-mail to:

Here are some screenshots from the DVD: