Money of Freie Stadt Danzig

Freie Stadt Danzig as other countries emited its own money. At the end of the 1 world war and short after the war people in Danzig used German Marks and temporary banknotes called Notgelds emited by Magistrat. After the Danzig's situation stabilised, the Senat emited banknotes in Marks. It was in 1922 and shortly after that the hiperinflation started. Almost a year later the 10 billion Mark banknote were in use! At the sam e time Magistrat of Zoppot emited its own money in Marks. Danziger Zentralkasse AG, etablished on 19 October 1923 emited new banknotes, they were temporary Gulden banknotes. On 5 February 1924 Bank von danzig was established. It emited new coins and banknotes in Gulden that were in use until 1 September 1939.

Senat of Freie Stadt Danzig emission in Mark
Magistrat of Zoppot emission in Marks
Danziger Zentralkasse AG emission in Gulden
Bank von Danzig emission in Gulden